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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $80

Monthly Tuition: $45

Homework: yes

Hours/Week: 0

Max/Min Students: 12/5

Age Range: 13-18

Class Code: VS2    HS Level
Teacher: Courtney Vorel
Teacher Email:


My name is Courtney Vorel.  I first fell in love with the Spanish language as a young girl when my grandparents were missionaries in Mexico.  I adored my high school Spanish classes and decided to make Spanish a double major at TCU.  While at TCU I was lucky enough to study Spanish in Guatemala one summer alongside the guy who I ended up marrying- Jason Vorel!  Before staying home with kids, I taught middle school Spanish in RISD for 6 years.  I am now mom to three kids- one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school!  If you would like to follow up with me and ask any questions you can email me at  


Class meets on Tuesday from 1:30 PM to 2:25 PM & on Thursday from none to none

All classes taught by Courtney Vorel:
Spanish 2 (VS2)
Spanish 1 (VS1)