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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $20

Monthly Tuition: $45

Homework: yes

Hours/Week: 3

Max/Min Students: 15/6

Age Range: 12-14

Class Code: PJL   
Teacher: Mindy Piehler
Teacher Email:

In Junior High Literature, we will have hearty discussions and learn about literary concepts while enjoying an assortment of classic books. At home each week, students will read the assigned chapters, define vocabulary words, answer questions, and write journal entries. The classroom will provide an accepting and engaging environment where students can grow in their ability to analyze literature.  This class, designed for 7th and 8th grade students, is a two year course utilizing different books each consecutive year. The books for this class are THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW, MANIAC MAGEE, THE HOBBIT, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, THE RANSOM OF RED CHIEF, THE HIDING PLACE, TREASURE ISLAND, HATCHET, and THE GIVER.  Because specific editions of the books are not required, books are available at the library, Half Price Books, and other book stores. Registrations throughout the year are highly welcomed.

For supplies students will need a 3-ring binder, notebook paper, a spiral or composition book for a journal, pens/pencils, 3 dividers, and our current book.


Mrs. Piehler earned a B.S. in Education with a specialization in English from Baylor University. Following graduation she taught in Richardson I.S.D. She began teaching at RHSA Co-op in 1996 and feels blessed to continue to do so. She has been happily married for over 33 years and adored homeschooling her own four children. Mrs. Piehler loves teaching, cherishes her students, and makes learning a delightful adventure. She would be honored to have your student join her!


Class meets on Tuesday from 1:30 PM to 2:25 PM & on Thursday from none to none

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