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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $20

Monthly Tuition: $52

Homework: yes

Hours/Week: 3

Max/Min Students: 15/4

Age Range: 12-18

Class Code: CFW    HS Level
Teacher: Eileen Chapman
Teacher Email:

Format Writing is a road map for developing expository writing skills and an English course in grammar and punctuation skills.  Expository writing teaches the student how to inform, clarify, and persuade. This type of writing is the foundation to build communication skills used throughout a lifetime. Format Writing teaches the student how to organize material and how to write quickly. Skills covered will include the following: grammar and punctuation skill sheets, sentence structure, basic paragraph styles, essays in five-paragraph format, a literary essay, and one MLA standard research paper.


The Chapman home schooling adventure began in 1994. Three graduates later, I am still teaching.  As a family, we participated with several co-ops along the way. I have taught writing, literature, book-making, SAT prep, worldviews, logic, speech, and debate. My greatest pleasure is to hear former students return with success stories from their college experience as a result of taking my classes.I enjoy consulting with families about home schooling and especially those dealing with struggling children.


Class meets on Tuesday from 2:30 PM to 3:25 PM & on Thursday from none to none

All classes taught by Eileen Chapman:
High School Writing & Literature (CHSWL)
High School Expository & Creative Writing (CCW)
Refresh, Reboot, Respond/Elementary Composition (CEC)
Speech & Debate (CSD)
Format Writing  (CFW)