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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $55

Monthly Tuition: $45

Homework: yes

Hours/Week: 2

Max/Min Students: 8/6

Age Range: 11-16

Class Code: PG    HS Level
Teacher: Mindy Piehler
Teacher Email:

This grammar program is a comprehensive writing-focused program whose exercises utilize classical and Christian literature. The sentences draw on Biblical excerpts which feed the soul along with classical literature with which any college-bound student should be familiar. The content is thorough and medium-paced; however, homework may be adjusted to meet the needs of individual students.

This course uses a metaphorical kingdom to better relate grammar knowledge to students. King Verb and Queen Noun have quite a story to tell. Before they met, no one in the kingdom could write a sentence, a clause, or even a phrase! Poor writing was rampant. Sadly, Sir Run-Ons-A-Lot and the Knights of the Wrong Table had struck terror in the Kingdom of Writing. However, after a short engagement and a lovely wedding, the kingdom was saved by the new king, by his lovely queen and by the Knights of the Write Table. Join me as we discover the Kingdom of Writing through adventures in Grammar Castle.

The deposit purchases the consumable student textbook and handouts that will be distributed to you by the teacher. Needed supplies: a glue stick, a pencil, colored pencils, and 5 dividers.


Mrs. Piehler earned a B.S. in Education with a specialization in English from Baylor University. Following graduation she taught in Richardson I.S.D. She began teaching at RHSA Co-op in 1996 and feels blessed to continue to do so. She has been happily married for over 33 years and adored homeschooling her own four children. Mrs. Piehler loves teaching, cherishes her students, and makes learning a delightful adventure. She would be honored to have your student join her!


Class meets on Tuesday from 12:30 PM to 1:25 PM & on Thursday from none to none

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