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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $65

Monthly Tuition: $40

Homework: optional

Hours/Week: 0

Max/Min Students: 11/6

Age Range: 9-15

Class Code: MR101   
Teacher: Dr. Nilda Martinez-Wuller
Teacher Email:

This class will be very engaging and hands-on as students learn about the mechanical dimension of robotics.   The students will be using VEX IQ robots and the class will mimic the hands-on VEX IQ® robotic competition style of learning.  Groups of 2 - 3 students will work as a team with a robotics kit.  An engineering notebook will be kept at their appropriate academic level.

Since there will be varied degrees of robotics knowledge and experience in the class, in the first semester each team will be assigned different robots to build and learn from that are appropriate to their robotics skill level.   In this first semester,  the students will devote themselves to studying the following as they build robots:  gears, how to use gears for mechanical advantage, friction, center of gravity, and torque. They will then focus on learning about and constructing different types of object manipulators to plow, scoop, grab and accumulate objects.   They will also study different lifting mechanisms such as the rotating joint and the 4 bar linkage.   The students will also have several in-class competitions as a training ground for the big competition at the end of the school year. 

In the second semester,  the students will be working on their robots for the end of the year competition which is modeled after the VEX IQ competitions.  Each team will come up with a strategy to score the most points in the competition challenge that is announced.   With this strategy in mind, they will then design and build a robot as they apply the robotic concepts that they have learned during the first semester. Each team will compete in alliance with another team.  Awards will be given.  This promises to be fun and challenging!

This class will explore and develop:   STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills, robot construction,  building/understanding/evaluating different robotic arms and lifting mechanisms for specific functions, gear ratios for mechanical advantage, torque, center of gravity, friction, critical thinking skills, problem solving, working in teams and team collaboration, FIRST® ethics of Gracious Professionalism and fun competition.  

Required supplies:  1) pen/pencil  2) double sided tape  3) black Composition Graph Ruled notebook. 

Homework:  There will be 15 min of homework per week for the first 6 weeks as students learn new concepts and how to keep an Engineering Notebook.

(Scholarships available.)


Nilda M. Martinez-Wuller attended Texas A&M University for her undergraduate degree.  She then attended Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas for her Medical Doctor degree and Children’s Medical Center for pediatric specialization.   She practiced clinical medicine (including administrative positions) for 20 years and also volunteered at North Dallas Shared Ministries Free Medical Clinic.  

She began her homeschooling journey with her 3 sons in 2007.   She worked with UTD during the 2014-2015 school year to form a competitive homeschool FIRST® FTC Robotics team due to her sons' interest in the STEM field.  During the 2015-2016 school year, she co-coached a team with UD and served as an FTC  competition judge.   During the 2015-2016 Robotics season, her team made it to Regionals.  She now teaches robotics at homeschool Co-Ops. 


Class meets on Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 10:25 AM & on Thursday from none to none

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