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Supply Fee + May Tuition: $50

Monthly Tuition: $45

Homework: no

Hours/Week: 2

Max/Min Students: 10/2

Age Range: 12-15

Class Code: MPS   
Teacher: Nancy Thompson
Teacher Email:

In this Physical Science course the student will acquire an in-depth understanding of chemistry, physics and earth science.  They will explore such topics as atomic structure, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, motion, forces, energy, light, electricity, magnetism, the rock cycle, biochemistry, atmospheric temperature/pressure and many other topics.  There will be much hands-on learning.  This class is an excellent preparation for higher level high school science in the student's upcoming years.

Mastery in this class will be accomplished by:
1.  Classroom discussion of the major concepts in each module
2.  Classroom experiments - this is the best part!
3.  Science Project in the spring 2022
4.  Lab Report mastery - Lab Report to be graded by teacher
5.  Module tests - to be taken and graded at home
6.  Study Guide Questions - to be done and checked at home
7.  Self-study

Student should have taken Algebra 1/2 or be taking it concurrently with this class.

(Some colleges will accept this class for high school credit but I suggest you consult with the specific college.)

Book:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd edition


Mrs. Thompson has been a teacher for over 20 plus years.  She is a former missionary. She has a bachelor's degree with dual major in Bible and Education;  her fun and creative personality will make her classes come to life!


Class meets on Tuesday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM & on Thursday from none to none

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