...We have found the program to be everything we needed and more. We are amazed at the forethought that went into the creation of this product...
Shelly Roszak, Co-Director, SALT Teaching Co-op

eCoops has been such an asset to our group. It is user friendly, and we have received great technical support... Donna McHone, Director, HEAR Home Educators

Having been director of our home school association's teaching co-op, I unreservedly endorse eCoops' online database. It has enabled us to manage our Co-op in a more efficient, professional manner...
Kelsa Waite, Director (retired), RHSA Teaching Co-op

eCoops is a second generation web service designed especially for home school teaching co-ops. Realizing co-op leaders were struggling to keep accurate and current records of family, student, teacher, class and schedule data, I wanted to lessen their load.

As the computer teacher for several teaching co-ops, I found myself 'helping' the registrars set-up and manage databases. I also accepted the responsibility of managing websites for these co-ops. During this time, I became a committee member of one co-op and worked closely with the registrars and directors of each co-op.

Because of my roles as parent, teacher and leader in these teaching co-ops, I was able to design a system that truly meets the unique needs of home school teaching co-op leaders. In my years as a teacher in public and private schools, I was introduced to several class and grade management software applications. This experience enabled the addition of services to facilitate communication between parents, students and teachers.

Once a co-op is added to the eCoops system, they have complete control of all subscribed services. With extensive help files available online most of our clients find themselves capable of using their services immediately. In addition, we are available to answer questions by email or phone.

Pam McBride
Former President and Owner, eCoops